Learn to use basic Linux commands (1)

The following tutorial is for those who want to learn how to work with a server that uses Linux as the operating system. Below is a list of commands and an explanation for each one.

wget url_to_file (e.g. wget www.server.org/psy.tar.gz)

With this command you can download an archive or a file from a web site to your server

tar -xzvf archive_file_name (e.g. tar -xzvf psy.tar.gz)

This command allows you to unzip archives (.tar.gz)

tar archive_file_name (e.g. tar psy.tgz)

This is how you unzip .tgz archives


List the content of current folder

ls -all

View all files that are in the current folder

pwd (e.g. /home/heavyant/psy/)

With this command you will see absolute path of current folder

cd folder_name (e.g. cd home)

Change current folder with another one

cd ..

Exit a folder and return to previous folder

cd /

Go to the main folder of server (e.g. home, var, root, tmp)

rm -rf file_name/folder_name (e.g. rm -rf psy.tar.gz)

Delete a file or folder

ps x

List active processes on server

ps aux

With this command you can list all running processes and how many resources consume each one